Scott Johnson

Bahamas National Trust Science Officer, Scott Johnson, was photographed by Ana-Lisa Wells for the Bahamian Project.

John Cox

Bahamian Project photographer Guilden Gilbert went on location to capture artist John Cox at his home studio.

Dustan Babb

Rosemary Clarice Hanna photographed former Superintendent Dustan Babb for the Bahamian Project.

Lia Head & Gina Knowles

Ben Jamieson photographed Lia Head-Rigby and Gina Knowles for the Bahamian Project. These two remarkable women are the principal organisers behind the HeadKnowles Hurricane Joaquin Relief effort that brought much-needed relief to families in the central and southern Bahamas in the aftermath of the devastating category four storm in October 2015.

Edith Powell

Bahamian Project team photographer Guilden Gilbert was assigned to photograph Edith Powell…