Peanuts Taylor

We had arranged that I would pick up Peanuts Taylor and bring him to our studio. Consequently, I had the opportunity to chat with him during the 15-minute drive to Popopstudios. By the time we reached the studio I felt like we were old friends.

John ‘Chippie’ Chipman

John “Chippie” Chipman walked into our studio, set his colourful, well-worn goatskin drum down in front of the camera, donned his straw hat, started drumming and didn’t stop. It’s what he does. Our studio reverberated with his tribal beats. It was a treat for us and it created a unique energy in the room.

Paul Thompson

On a warm Friday afternoon in early October, former Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Thompson came to our studio at Popopstudios to be photographed for the Bahamian Project. Thompson, a 30-year Royal Bahamas Police Force veteran, is a pleasant man with an easygoing nature, but even within minutes of meeting him one can sense the seriousness and wisdom behind his eyes.

Sir Durward Knowles

Bahamian sailing legend and Olympic gold medalist Sir Durward Knowles agreed to let us photograph him for the Bahamian Project following a chance encounter at Antonius Roberts’ Hillside House. On the day of our scheduled photo session, both Sir Durward and his wife, Lady Holly Knowles, greeted us at the door as if we were long-lost relatives.

The Burnside Family Matriarch

Gertrude Burnside was born on Valentine’s Day and still lives in the same house in which she raised her children. The house where she spent her own childhood stands directly across the street. It is a pleasant and unassuming neighbourhood.