Alessandro Sarno

My name is Alessandro Sarno, I was born in Milano and raised in the beautiful countryside in the Italian province of Treviso.

I took my first photo in The Bahamas in 2008.

I had never owned a real camera before, but when I first visited The Bahamas, I felt compelled to buy one to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the blue water. Today I can honestly say that I became a photographer thanks to that trip. I recently published a coffee table book called “Blue and Beyond”, to illustrate life in the Bahamas.

My photography focuses on people, landscapes, wildlife, and all the little details I notice during my journeys.

I have always had a passion for travel, even though I’m a nervous flyer! I mostly travel alone (and I love it) because it’s the only way I can completely open myself up to experience the places and the people I encounter along my way. I like to call myself a travel photographer, yet feel the need to specify that I don’t travel to take photos; on the contrary, I take photos because I travel.

I recently opened a small, boutique internet-based business called High Blue Travel, dedicated to designing bespoke itineraries for the discerning traveler who wants to discover The Bahamas, New York, Miami and the Venice area.

I consider photography my travel companion, a treasure to feed my soul and spirit. When I take a picture I capture an emotion that I hold for the rest of my life. Looking back at old photographs is a deeply evocative experience. I remember everything; the smell, the sounds, the ambience and the emotions they elicited. When I am not traveling but feel like escaping, I simply open my Mac and immerse myself in some old images. I believe in the value of sharing and so I decided to create a website where my photos can be seen by everyone, in the hopes of eliciting even a tiny pleasant emotion or to reveal something that may have gone unnoticed before. I hope you enjoy my work.

Reading “Lonesome Traveler” by Jack Kerouac, gave me the inspiration for the name of my website, which I called “The Lonesome Photographer”. To describe in few words how I feel about photography, I’d like to borrow a quote from another Beat generation poet, Allen Ginsberg:

“Without even intending it. There is that little shiver of a moment in time preserved in the crystal cabinet of the mind, a little shiver of eternal space. That’s what I was looking for”.

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