Chris Day

Chris Day

Chris DayTo some, photography is their living, to some it is a hobby, to some it is why their phone exists but for me, it is a healthy obsession.

Way back, I remember seeing a steam engine graveyard in South Wales and thinking how exciting it would be to explore and photograph the rusting relics. A summer job gave me my hard earned cash to purchase my first real camera, an Olympus OM1 with a 50mm lens. I loved it but it was tough – I had little photography knowledge and had to learn it all from books and magazines.

I had many failures with film and hated the delay of waiting for the prints to be processed – frustration!  I tied developing my own – a messy and interesting process but I continued to learn. My passion faded though, because I lacked knowledge and wasn’t improving. Time moved on.

Digital technology changed my world. Suddenly the delay of waiting for prints disappeared – all was there instantly. I taught myself more about exposure and the effects of light. I learnt to love landscapes and cities – and made technology work for me.

Now, through hard work and the encouragement of others, I feel confident enough to show my work – my passion. Landscapes, travel and cities excite me and capturing new images from everything I see makes me want more. I learn from other photographers who are more skilled and accomplished knowing they can help me improve.

My photography mantra – never stop learning and never stop capturing the moment

Chris Day

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