Pam Burnside

I asked Pam what it meant to her to be Bahamian. She responded with glowing positivity. Pam loves the Bahamas as did her husband, beloved cultural icon Jackson Burnside.

Pam said, “I consider myself to be a true-true Bahamian, because as my husband would say, ‘We love The Bahamas’… we have such a very rich heritage and wonderful cultural community…”

In fact it was Jackson’s untimely passing last year that inspired the Bahamian Project. Other countries have portrait collections which serve to document and preserve the people of that country. After Jackson’s death we realized this was missing here and that it was something we could bring to our country. And so the Bahamian Project was born.

We may have missed Jackson but we were honoured to have the opportunity to photograph Pam. Mild though she may seem, Jackson always said she was the real strength behind him. She was the one who kept things going he would say. Indeed, she has done exactly that.

Oh and by the way, she makes a unique sweet iced tea from a highly guarded secret family recipe. It tastes so good it just makes you happy.

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  1. I guess I am a Bahamian want-to-be. All I know is that my heart beats better here on this lovely Island. I feel more at home here, more real, more alive, more connected.

    I write to ask if this wonderful project would consider a traveling exhibit of the Bahamian Collection?

    I am so grateful for the creation of this organization. Thank you, to all who have worked so hard in its creation.

    Cali Veilleux

    1. Thanks for the kind sentiments Cali. The first exhibition of the final images will open on July 11, 2013 at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. The exhbition will run for about 90 days. After that, depending on funding, we intend for the exhibition to travel to various Out Islands of The Bahamas, and also to galleries aorund the world. We want to show the beauty of The Bahamas through its most precious resource… the people. Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep abreast of the Project and where it will be exhibiting.


  2. My cousin Pam really does make the best iced tea and you're right, drinking it does make you happy!

    Thanks to you and others for your vision and hard work on the Project . I cannot wait for the exhibit to open to see the images of my grandfather and others who took part.

    Stacey Benjamin

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