Bahamian Project Exhibition at The Annex Gallery

The exhibition featured 22 new portraits from five photographers: Dante Carrer, Guilden Gilbert, Ben Jamieson, Ana-Lisa Wells and Duke Wells

The exhibition was held in May 2016 at the Annex Gallery at Popopstudios and displayed more than twenty new portrait subjects: Robert Arthur, Tracy Barry, Valentino “Scrooge” Brown, Philip Burrows,  Callender, Nick Dean, Ras Deniro Thompson, Theodore Elyett, Julian Francis, Davidson Hepburn, Dennis Knight, Melissa Maura, Anthony Newbold, Pyfrom Quadruplets, Patrick Rahming, Alanna Rodgers, Troy Saunders, Michael Sweeting, Raymond Tucker, Orville Turnquest, Jackie Walker, Errington Watkins.

The Bahamian Project is an ongoing photography initiative that seeks to capture a broad range of people of the Bahamas, for the purpose of archiving the culture and our period of history.