Bahamian Project Portraits

“The character of the community is expressed in the individuals who compose it.” ~ Werner Jaeger

Bahamians are a distinct breed of people. The subjects chosen for the Bahamian Project will have revealed an honesty of interpretation and a sensitivity of understanding for what it means to be “Bahamian”.

Portrait Subjects

Below, is a list of the Bahamian Project portrait subjects who have been photographed to date. View the portraits in the Portrait Gallery.

Valentino “Scrooge” Brown
Errington Watkins
Michael Sweeting
Troy Saunders
Robert Arthur
Tracy Barry
Lee Callender
Nick Dean
Ras Deniro Thompson
Dr Davidson Hepburn
Denis Knight
Melissa Maura
Pyfrom Quadruplets
Raymond Tucker
Jackie Walker
Rosemary Hanna
Marion Bethel
Lia Head/ Gina Knowles
Corolyn Hanna
Giorgio Knowles
Scott Johnson
Frankie Adderley
Clifford Humes
Robert Johnson
Leroy Archer
Dustan Babb
Patricia Glinton-Meicholas
Marina D’Aguilar
ER Hanna
Philip Rahming
Stephen Burrows
Nova Taylor
Leonard Miller
Eric Minns
Kim Aranha
Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson
Candia Dames
Arlene Nash Ferguson
Charlie Smith
Cleophas Adderley
Dawn Davies
Errol “Duke” Strachan
E. John Deleveaux
Jolyon Smith
Jose Ageeb
Joseph Darville
Kirkland K.B. Bodie
Nigel Bower
Philip A. Burrows
Steve Holden
Dr David Allen
John Cox
Allan Pachino Wallace
Edith Powell

If you know of someone who you think reflects the character and essence of The Bahamas, please fill out this form. Be sure to include reasons why you think this individual should be a part of the Bahamian Project.

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