Rosemary C. Hanna

It was raining in the west and in the central part of New Providence but the sun was bright and abundant over Rosemary Clarice Hanna’s garden. And that is where she was photographed for the Bahamian Project. The photographer, Ana-Lisa Wells, one of the Bahamian Project team shooters, captured Rosemary at one of her favourite activities in one of her favourite places.

Rosemary is a retired banker turned social activist who is dedicated to educating the Bahamian public about our rich culture and heritage. She is a lover of all things Bahamian.

Rosemary’s book, “Pictorial History and Memories of Nassau’s Over-The-Hill” concisely tells the story of the people, neighborhoods and institutions of Nassau during it’s most glorious time. The book is available at Doongalik Studios.


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