Scott Johnson

Bahamas National Trust Science Officer, Scott Johnson, was photographed by Ana-Lisa Wells for the Bahamian Project.

Scott is a Bahamian terrestrial biologist with a passion for birds and reptiles. He has become popularly known for his masterful handling of snakes. Because of this, we decided to do the photo shoot at The Retreat – an internationally famous garden of palms and rare tropical plants – and home to several snakes. A beautiful female Bahamian Boa Constrictor was kind enough to pose with Scott for the photograph.

As Science Officer, Scott is in charge of avian and terrestrial matters. He has been on many field research expeditions studying seabirds, iguanas, flamingos, endemic Bahamian orioles, and snakes, but he also works with people, helping them to become astute bird tour guides on the Family islands such as Andros and Inagua. He is motivated by his desire to educate Bahamians on the importance of terrestrial wildlife and the preservation of native and endemic species.

Caption: The photo above is a snapshot taken during the photo session and is not the portrait that will be displayed at the exhibition.