Allan Pachino Wallace

Allan Pachino Wallace was photographed by Scharad Lightbourne for the Bahamian Project. Scharad had as much of an enlightened vision for the shoot as Allan has for his otherworldly artwork.

The photo session went down at Allan’s studio located in a rustic old building, which though rough around the edges, is brimming with charm.

Known for his murals of mythical goddesses and spiritual faces, Allan says his artistic imagination is guided by his faith in God.

An excerpt taken from an article by Thea Rutherford sums it up succinctly:

A self-taught artist, Wallace’s philosophy is centered on his faith in God. The award-winning artist said that he refuses to take credit for something that does not come from him. “My art is really me trying to get as in tune with God as possible,” he said. What he does take credit for, he said, is the opening of himself to what he feels God has put in him.

Born in 1979, Allan has followed his calling since his young years and devoted himself to being a full-time artist since 2004.