The Bahamian Project… It Just Keeps Getting Better

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As Bahamian Project photographers prepare to travel to the Family Islands in an effort to increase the scope of the fine art portrait project, they are also introducing changes that will expand the depth of the highly successful art and community initiative.

Over the past four years, Bahamian Project photographers have collectively taken over 120 portraits of people whose lives have helped shape the heart and soul of The Bahamas.

The portraits tell the story of people from all walks of life in The Bahamas. From the bright lights to the raw gems of Bahamian society, people whose character forms the basis of our unique cultural identity.

But there is a larger story to tell.

“We are expanding our image collections to include new galleries of photographs documenting the lifestyles of the people whose portraits we have taken,” said Bahamian Project Founder and Creative Director, Duke Wells.

In addition to traditional portraiture, where the face is the predominant element depicting a visual representation of the person, the Bahamian Project has also featured environmental portraits. This style of portraiture refers to images where the subject is photographed in their natural environment. Surroundings are used to complement the subject and to emphasize their character.

Along with increasing the number of environmental portraits, the Project will also now be accepting candid portraits, images taken without the subject expecting or acknowledging the photographer. As opposed to an environmental portrait this image is captured at the moment rather than set up.

“By expanding the narrative, it allows us to present a broader scope and deeper understanding of the Bahamian experience,” added Mr Wells.

The changes will bring in additional photographers, adding to an already impressive group of talented photographic artists dedicated to continuing the initiative to document the people and lifestyles of the Islands of The Bahamas.

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  1. Hi, I have contacted you in the past about my Stingray Ecology Tour off West End. Would this be a good time to share with you some of the great pics of my interaction up close with these magnificent animals. What the pigs are to Exuma the Stingrays are to Grand Bahama Island. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Keith G. Cooper, owner, West End Ecology Tours

  2. Sounds great to capture the beauty of the Bahama Islands! Continue the journey…of true representation of the entire Bahamas…showcase to the world!

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