Max Taylor

We caught up with Max Taylor during his trip into Nassau to oversee the installation of one of his artworks. The piece, entitled “The Family”, was a massive polished wooden sculpture of four smooth, graceful,¬†elongated forms melded together – a man, woman and two children. It was a commission for the newly opened arrivals terminal at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

These days, Max spends most of his time in South Carolina “out in the country” as he said, which is where he worked on the fluid forms.

Having always admired Max as an artist we were quite familiar with his work over the decades. This most recent work is yet another evolution of his unique style. When he came to our studio he brought with him a small sculpture – about two feet high, which we decided to use as a prop in the photo. The piece – “Twins” – was very similar in its nature to the work on display at the airport.

These are documentary photos by Lisa Wells. They are not the final images.