Netica Symonette

It took some effort to get Netica Symonette into the studio. She refused the first time I asked. But we felt she was important to include and several people had recommended we include her so I asked again… and then again. Finally, she agreed. Reluctantly.

Nettie, as she is fondly known, is a Bahamian icon. She is an astute businesswoman who became one of the most accomplished hoteliers in The Bahamas. She is a strong woman, a wise woman – she has worked her whole life, pulling herself up against all odds when people and circumstances let her down. She is a no-nonsense person. She says what she means just as she thinks it. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t hold back her feelings or thoughts. Frankly, I admire that quality in her, you know where you stand for good or for bad.

After the photo session Nettie shared with us a story about when she met Maya Angelou. Nettie’s life is full of extraordinary experiences. She recently published a book, “A Girl Called Nettie” – which I read. She let me borrow a copy. It was a good read, full of valuable life lessons. She is a woman of strong character and her writing is as direct as she is.


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  1. I love this article. I HAD THE pleasure of meeting
    Ms. Symonette many years ago at the recommendation of a very extraordinary women Ms. Wiley., she said that while in the Bahamas if I could be so lucky to meet an extraordinary women of wisdom and grace then I should meet Ms. Symonette. Ms. Wiley made the introduction by phone so when I arrive and called we set the appointment. Upon arriving I was meet by a gracious figure walking towards me…quite elegance, Noble and serene; still waters with a deep knowing…we spoke from mid-afternoon to we’ll into the night. I hadn`the known that she had written a book I look forward to getting it and sharing copies with many others. Thank you again for doing an article on her. May your Journey around the Sun be Blessed. Glenn

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